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October Sunday 17 2021
Gas Grills
Firing up speed and advanced technologies. Modern, healthy grilling, preserving the aroma and juiciness of the dishes prepared. Grilling becomes fun.
Bike Trailers
Durable trailers designed for use in difficult conditions, ensuring the highest comfort. The trailers are multifunctional, roomy and safe.
Would you like to experience breathtaking places in the middle of nature and pack everything for your trip on your bike? Then Bikepacking is what you are looking for.
Bicycle seats
Cycling with a child is a never-ending adventure and spending time together outdoors. Bicycle trips shape the good habits of a little cyclist, tearing him away from the screen, teaching him a healthy lifestyle and showing all the beauty of the visited world.
Electric Scooters
A large selection of electric scooters for children and adults. Solid workmanship and safety.
Bike Trainers
Modern technologies include hill simulation, realistic routes and online racing with friends.
Charcoal Grills
High-quality solid stainless steel, practical grill height and functional design.
Bike Accessories
Equip the bike according to your preferences and needs.
Fitness equipment
Bring training to your home! Keep in form regardless of the conditions outside.
The most frequently chosen garden entertainment! Safety combined with a hint of madness.
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available is the online store for the active looking for both tourist and sports products as well as garden leisure equipment. We offer professional advice, fast shipping and customer service at the highest level.

Choose healthy solutions and reliability in use with our offer of gas grills such as Köler, Activa MastercookGrillChef or Landmann. Make every weekend meeting or family dinner an unforgettable feast.

When going on a bike trip, be sure to take the reliable Ortileb or Crosso panniers. The right choice of panniers will ensure a successful expedition that guaranties only remarkable memories. offers also reliable and stable kayaks and pontoons of the Aqua Marina brand. We have further specialized water equipment for those swimming in the various reservoirs. For amateurs of new water sports, we highly recommend SUP boards - the modern, dynamically developing alternative to surfing.

For those choosing a swimming pool, we provide a wide range of Zone3 swimming products such as swimming goggles, wetsuits, swimwear and other useful accessories. For those choosing the open water swimming, we propose swimming wetsuits tested by the world’s biggest triathlon athletes as well as the increasingly popular safety buoys.

At, fans of outdoor trips are offered with a wide selection of tents and sleeping bags that work perfectly considering outdoor activities and longer expeditions.

Decide to improve your figure and health with our professional fitness equipment. In our offer you can find rowing machines, treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, steppers, recumbent bikes and fitness accessories.

Jumping on a trampoline is not only outdoor fun, but also a form of cardio training. This type of physical activity is recommended for both children and adults, and our Zipro trampolines will perfectly meet your expectations.

For parents who want to actively spend time with their youngest children, we highly recommend the reliable Burley bicycle trailers, bicycle seats and jogging strollers.

In cities, the popularity of electric scooters is constantly growing so make sure to choose the right one among our offer. At, skating fans will also find traditional scooters, roller skates and skateboards.

Safety is a crucial aspect of cycling. Our assortment includes certified, safe bicycle helmets along with other necessary bicycle accessories such as bicycle computers and navigation, bike shoes, bike lighting and bicycle tools.
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